Robin Daumit


Robin Daumit

Whether by summer’s Fired-Up grill, or winter’s toasty fire pit,

S’mores Vodka Martinis are nothing short of Fabulous!

A little Marshmallow or Whipped Cream flavored Vodka, lots of ice, cream of your choice, though we prefer coconut, and of course:

- Chocolate

- Graham Crackers

- Roasted Marshmallows

You can just skip dessert, and delight in several of these impressive drinks!

Recipe makes 2 large martinis, or 4 small. If you happen to have leftovers, simply make


Procedure is rather simple.

-        Crush Graham Crackers into a wide dish or bowl – ¾ cup

-        Melt Chocolate into a wide dish or bowl – ¾ cup

-        Rim glasses in chocolate, and then in crushed crackers. Set aside.

-        Place 2 – 4 large Marshmallows on skewer sticks

-        Flavored Vodka into a blender – 2 jiggers

-        Cream into the blender – 2 jiggers

-        Simple syrup into the blender - 1 tablespoon. (2 parts sugar to 1 part water boiled and cooled)

-        Ice into the blender - 1 ½ cups

Turn blender on and allow all the goodies to crush, really well.

Transfer into a shaker, (or simply pour from the blender). Keep chilled while roasting the marshmallows over fire, stove, or cooking torch.

Pour the cold mix into the prepared martini glasses, and place the fired marshmallow on top. SIZZLE!!