We shouldn’t need the onset of bikini season to eat healthy, but often we do. While breakfast can be the easy meal to start the day, and dinner more thoughtfully planned, lunch is usually the meal we are too busy to think about; therefore, make our worst food choices.

Lunch-in-a-Jar is a great solution for having a fabulous meal ready to go, where ever it is that you are going!

The rules are simple.

The ingredients, unlimited.

First, get yourself some very inexpensive glass canning jars (as they are called). Ball, or Mason jars are among the most popular, but if you are thrifty and save jars, you are already, ready! Plastic food-prep containers work too, they just don’t look as pretty.

Here are options and ideas, but honestly, the sky is the limit!

     My Salad DressingFound here

     Herbs – fresh or dried

     Vegetables – as large a variety as you like:

-        Cucumbers

-        Celery

-        Carrots

-        Tomatoes

-        Zucchini

-        Hearts of Palm

-        Olives

-        Brussel sprouts – briefly blanched

-        Broccoli

-        Cauliflower

-        Asparagus

-        Peppers

Cut the crunchy vegetables into half inch cubes. As many, or little as you like. The crunch and the longer chewing time, makes the meal last longer and gives a more satisfied feeling.

Apples also work nicely in this type of salad.

     Proteins – the choices you make here can be quite varied:

-        Chicken

-        Beef

-        Pork

-        Seafood - canned, smoked, or home-cooked

All of the proteins can be prepared ahead of time, or simply use left-overs. Cut into one inch pieces, or shred the meats.

          Hard Boiled Eggs are a fast and easy protein to have ready.

          Quail Tea Eggs are a beautiful and flavorful treat. (my blog)

          Nuts – Having lots to crunch in the salad is important.

-        Spicy Hot nuts – such as cashews, or almonds

-        Salty nuts – any choice you make will be good

-        Seeds – any large roasted seed

          Dried Fruits - a few dried fruits are good, especially when used

          With apples.

          Leafy Vegetables – raw

-        Lettuce

-        Spinach

-        Arugula

-        Kale

-        Cabbage

-        Watercress

-        Chard

-        Endive

          Save the leafy vegetables for last.

The rest is easy!

In this order:

-        Dressing goes in first – 1 tablespoon

-        Herbs – a few leaves, such as parsley, cilantro, mint etc. or a sprinkle of dried

-        Crunchy and wet vegetables (cubed)

-        Nuts – 6 – 10

-        Proteins - as you like

-        Leafy Vegetables on top

Cover and do not shake. Pop them into the fridge until needed.

When ready to eat, turn upside down and give a little shake!

Lunch is Ready!!