Robin Daumit


Robin Daumit

I know there are endearing qualities about winter, but honestly, I am a tropical lover through and through. It’s bleak outside, cold, and lifeless. I listen for birds… only to hear the Canada Snow Geese. I look for a blade of green grass and all I see are naked trees. I know… I am whining. So! I went into the kitchen and concocted this colorful, delicious Tropical Sangria, put on a little Caribbean music, and suddenly my spirits were lifted! Well, maybe it was the spirits I was drinking. All the same, the imagination is a powerful thing, and I will rely on it whenever necessary!!


-        Ice – 1 cup

-        Limoncello – 1 shot

-        Pinot Grigio – One liter, cold

-        Mango – ¾ cup, half-inch cubes

-        Papaya – ¾ cup, half-inch cubes

-        Lime juice and lime – 1 whole lime quartered

Place all ingredients in a glass pitcher. Stir. Pour.

Let you imagination become refreshed!