Robin Daumit


Robin Daumit

EGGPLANT lends itself to a multitude of delicious dishes. When I found this enormous eggplant at a local farmer’s market, I knew I wanted it to dominate the plate, and take on the appearance of a meat dish. It worked, I was able to trick my husband into thinking it was a veal cutlet!

 Eggplant, when served in large slices, is always best treated with salt first. Sprinkle both sides, let it sit for an hour to draw out any bitter flavor and stop the color from turning to brown. Rinse the salt, blot dry, and you are ready to prepare these lovely eggplant steaks.

 Two Step Process:

-        Dredge and saute eggplant on top of the stove

-        Bake until tender in the oven


Dredging consists of three prepared plates

-        Egg, Milk, and Garlic – enough to cover the size eggplant to be cooked

-        Flour, Salt (smoked preferably), Pepper, (cayenne or other spicy pepper)

-        Macadamia Nut Panko Crumbs, (or any nut flavored crumbs)


After prepping the eggplant in salt as suggested above, soak the eggplant in the egg/milk mixture long enough for it to absorb a little of the moisture. Dredge it in the seasoned flour. Dip it back into the egg mixture. Dredge it in the crumb mixture, and lightly saute it on both sides in a little olive oil until a golden crust forms. Place them on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes, or until tender.


We have topped this delicious eggplant cutlet with:

-         Syrian Confetti Salad – a recipe you will find in our collection

-        Raw Sheep Milks Cheese – grated and sprinkled across the top


These flavors together are not only a perfect marriage, but also a complete meal. ENJOY!