Robin Daumit


Robin Daumit



It's been around since the beginning of time. It’s no wonder we all like to get back to our roots now and then. Here in America we look to grilling outdoors as a kind of celebration of the good life. And, why not? It IS the most satisfying way to cook, eat, and celebrate with friends and family!


Chicken Kabobs are easy, and oh so forgiving. Rarely are they tough, or dry, or tasteless when given a little love in the kitchen before hand.



-        Chicken – thighs have the most fat for grilling but the breast is good if marinated in fats (2 boneless thighs per person, per stick, or half a breast)

-        Salt – 2 tablespoons

-        Celery Seed – 1 tablespoon

-        Smoked Paprika – 2 tablespoons

-        Olive Oil – ¼ cup

-        Beer – 1 bottle

-        Fresh Oregano – ½ cup

Extra Stuff

-        Kabob Sticks – Steel don’t burn, but if using wood, soak in water first

Place all ingredients in a deep pan, mix well, and marinate in refrigerator several hours, or over night.

Arrange good portions on each stick (remembering that they will shrink a bit).

Make sure grill is good and hot! Chicken cooks fast and needs to be turned often. When all sides are chard and you no longer see pink, they are done!