Robin Daumit


Robin Daumit

Raise your hand if you love BRUSSELS SPROUTS! I thought so. I have never been a fan of these miniature looking cabbage balls, particularly when they are boiled, and swimming in butter. Yuk! But that was the only way I had them while growing up. Once a year for Thanksgiving, while enjoying large family gatherings, I made certain to put just one on my plate. But that has all changed!

 Something delicious seems to happen to vegetables when they are roasted, which is especially true of Brussels Sprouts. The outer layer takes on a golden, crunchy texture while the inside becomes tender and sweet. Yes, sweet! Who would have thought? So, this year for Thanksgiving, I am roasting these gigantic Brussels sprouts that I have acquired, in a variety of ways, for the variety of palettes that will be seated at the table. While my favorite recipe (below) can be prepared for the savory palettes, a sweeter version can be substituted with:

-        Maple syrup

-        Pecans

-        Honey mustard

Savory Ingredients:

-        Lemon juice – ½ cup

-        Olive oil – ¼ cup

-        Coarse salt – as you like

-        Smoked paprika – ½ teaspoon

-        Garlic salt – ¼ teaspoon

-        Pecorino cheese – ¼ cup finely grated

-        Brussels sprouts – 2 cups, fresh

Cut the Brussels sprouts in half (top to bottom). Place the ingredients in a bowl and toss the Brussels sprouts in the mixture, making sure to coat them well. Place in a flat baking sheet.

400 degree oven for 20 – 25 minutes

Serve hot, or room temperature